Women of Wisdom Foundation

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Woman Soul wants to Give Thanks to the Women of Wisdom Foundation for their 25 plus years of bringing women together to learn about feminine wisdom through the voices of women of diverse experience and vision.  Since the late 90’s, WOW has brought to Seattle women such as Marianne Woodman, Jean Houston, Susun Weed, Lisa Thiel, Sobonfu Some’, Jean Shinoda Bolen, and Elena Avila, along with local women of wisdom that were actively holding women’s circles and teaching ways that had been mostly forgotten, such as Eagle Song, Starfeather, Julie Charette Nunn, Therese Charvet, Fatima, Lorraine Bayes, to name a few!

In 2018, Women of Wisdom Foundation was invited to become a supporter of Woman Soul, and we want to reciprocate and let you know of the good work Women of Wisdom continues to do in our community, and internationally!  Please listen to the video below and follow the link to the Women of Wisdom website to learn more about what the Women of Wisdom Foundation has for you!

WOW Supporters Photo 2

Friends of WOW choir, led by Pamela Gerke, at the 25th anniversary conference in 2017

WOW circle of dancers

Enter a caWomen participating in ceremony at a Women of Wisdom Conferenception

WOW Supporters Photo 3

Author and Jungian Analyst, Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., speaking at a Women of Wisdom Conference