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Woman’s Way Red Lodge

Woman Soul gives great thanks for the support of Woman’s Way Red Lodge.  This nonprofit organization has made the Woman Soul Gatherings possible by providing us with the required liability insurance to hold our annual gathering!  WWRL has also graciously included articles on the Woman Soul Gathering in their quarterly “Hearth Letter” e-newsletter and with flyers at their events.  You can sign up to receive the WWRL quarterly e-newsletter at http://womanswayredlodge.org/

Woman’s Way Red Lodge was one of our original “sponsoring” organizations, which we are now recognizing as “supporters.”  The philosophical change is to move away from the language of the business realm, and recognize “relationship” as the foundation of our connection with each other.  The 15 Principles of WWRL are important reminders to all of us of our shared values, which we have included below to remind each of us of what is truly important in relationship with one another and all life.

Woman Soul is supporting the WWRL Summer Solstice Gathering at Burton Hill on Vashon Island, June 20 & 21.  This family-friendly event includes a 24-hour drum vigil and family-friendly activities, with room to set up tents and play in the open field, a Moon Lodge for more contemplative space, and more!  Click on the link for details!

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Past Summer Solstice Celebration on Burton Hill

We are grateful for the vision of the women of WWRL that is weaving a web of women’s hoops between cities and states, and their international work in Nepal and Kenya.  We encourage you to visit their website to learn more about the “Herstory” of Woman’s Way Red Lodge and their ongoing gatherings and events.

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A group of young women in Sahayatri Nepal. WWRL has supported international programs that empower women both there and in rural Kenya.

WWRL 15 principles

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WWRL sponsored wellness retreat in Nicaragua.

Woman’s Way Red Lodge at http://womanswayredlodge.org/

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