Women of Woman Soul Gathering Write Poetry


By Mary G.L. Shackelford

Be still.
Still time, space, and movement.
There is no time but this time.
There is no place but this place.
And there is no movement but for
The rhythm of your breath and the beating of your heart Which rise out of and fall into Silence.

Listen deep inside.
See, sense, and feel the flow of your blood.
Sink into the river of blood
That pumps the steady beat of your life force Out, out, into and through, and back again In the arteries and veins of your body.

Hear the Air arising in the winds of the East, Filtering through your lungs and rushing from your heart To replenish your blood with the Breath of Life.
Feel your blood
Carry your breath Carry your life.

Feel the Fire arising in the brilliant Light of the South,
First enlivened as a spark of passion in your mother’s womb When you shared blood with her, Her heart your first drum.
Now you carry the fire of your own life force
In the blood coursing through The steady beat
Of your own heart.

Sense the Water arising from the vast cauldron
That pours the Love of original creation
From the mystical waters of the West.
Remember how you swam in this water in your own first beginning, And sense how your blood carries the Water of Life Throughout your body.

See the Earth arising out of the eternal Law of the North,
Where the wisdom of the old ones brings us to our knees
As life gives way to death and Renewal promises possibility
When we are reduced to bone.
Smell the rich soil of earth’s natural bounty,
Ground of our being
And source of the fertile minerals and nutrients
Which mingle in the blood That feeds your body,
That nourishes your life.

Here we sit with the sky above us
And the earth below us
Here in this time that is outside of time
In this place that is neither here nor there.
Here we sit at the center,
And it is the Air and Fire and Water and Earth of our blood
Which has brought us here,
Here within the ancient stone circle, The Medicine Wheel of Life.

We are already that which we are becoming.
Remember who you are.
Remember who you really are.



A Mother’s Ponderings on the Dawn of Her Daughter’s Birthday

The glow of dawn on the horizon
Multi-colored glories
Celebrating a new day.

Morning air fresh and moving,
Lifting, carrying, rising
Beyond all that came before.

Bird song chattering, lyrical,
Speaking to unfolding promises
Of what is yet to come.

Feel the embrace of life.
Join in the Song of Creation.
You are the Beauty you see.

Chalice Bailey
From the loft on the south-facing hillside of Bainbridge Island


Words & Music by Lorraine Bayes
c 1999 LorraineBow Music

We shall dance beneath the Moon in all Her faces
Sing to Grandmother Moon in all Her graces

At the New Moon’s dark’s dawning
Crescent quickens to the light
There’s a First Quarter balance
Building darkness and light
So when Gibbous Moon is budding
To a dominance of light
Then the Full Moon shall peak in all Her brightness
Flowering, illuminating brightness
Carry on Disseminating
For the fruit must be fulfilled
In the stirring of the darkness
The last Quarter Moon She will
Break it down to let it go
As the darkness takes Her fill
So Balsamic Moon Her wisdom can distill
That the seeds of future visions be instilled

We shall dance beneath the Moon in all Her faces
Sing to Grandmother Moon in all Her graces

Dream again through Winter’s darkness
Birthing seeds of futures past
Healing serpent sheds an old skin
The new struggles free at last
With the warming of the Spring time
Growth is coming full and fast
While the truth of the Light keeps advancing
Towards the Summer dawn so full of life and dancing
Consummation clearly shining
Now a sharing must begin
Reap the wisdom of the season
Feel the changing Autumn wind
Turn around to wane and whither
As the Blood Moon pulls within
Crone shall feed the soul of future generations
Release the truth and trust the dark’s creation

We shall dance beneath the Moon in all Her faces
Sing to Grandmother Moon in all Her graces




Night Reflections at Lake Flora