“We call to you, dear Sister, to join us in Sacred Circle to honor the Sacred Feminine.  Our intention is to deepen our sense of inner knowing, recognize our unique gifts and stories, and to experience being immersed in and supported by a community of wise women.  We are part of an emerging Tribe of Women. We are taking hold of our power.  It is our time to be nurtured and nurturing, to find our way to understand and express our spiritual inner world, as well as our rights as human beings. In beauty and in balance, we find the soulful women’s way to rest, renew, have fun, learn, and share our blessed life as Sisters on the Path to wholeness.”                                                                 ~Respectfully, Starfeather


UPDATE: Thank you for supporting WSG Covid Relief Fund! Together we gifted Indigenous women $3500; the effort continues……

Last fall, with gifts from many of you, Woman Soul Gathering was honored to pass along $500 gifts to seven Indigenous women of soul. This went towards gas and food for Indigenous families and COVID care kits for Indigenous elders. We were heartened by the generous response of our WSG community and we are very grateful to all who donated.

We of Woman Soul Gathering are in a good position to step up. Through our gatherings, we are honored to build relationship with native women and collaborate to bring forward the gifts, ceremonies, songs and teachings as they are willing to share. Our COVID Relief Fund supports and uplifts our natives sisters of Woman Soul Gathering who cope with pressing needs within their families and communities as a result of the pandemic.

Friends, this is very much on-going: our Indigenous sisters continue to need our help! As winter ends and light begins to return, we are setting a new goal to raise funds for spring gifting. Please consider joining us in this effort.

Support our native sisters in WSG. Gift here by March 15.  Please give generously!

Gifts will go to several native women who have participated and contributed energy, wisdom and joy to Woman Soul Gatherings. Click here to meet some of the Indigenous women your gifts will help in these and learn about how they are supporting their communities.

COVID-19 has hit the families and communities of native tribes hard. There is more illness and loss of life on the reservations and among many native people in general. The shutdown was an economic disaster for Indigenous people, and job loss continues to impact native families.

Together we can offer financial support through Covid Relief Fund. As allies to Indigenous people who suffer the centuries-long consequences of racism and are now experiencing devastating impacts from COVID, we encourage all who have resources to give generously. It is one way to support healing and reparations work between our cultures.

With warm regards and spring blessings to you and yours,

Therese, Mary and Chalice on behalf of all the Woman Soul Gathering Elders


Woman Soul Gathering – 2021

Since 2016, Woman Soul Gathering happens over 4-days the last weekend of October each year. Due to the COVID safety protocols, we continue waiting to hear whether Pilgrim Firs Retreat Center will open in time for Woman Soul Gathering to take place the last weekend of October (October 28 – 31, 2021).

Meanwhile, we invite you to join our on-line GatHERings on with ZOOM. They are held monthly on third Wednesday evenings. Email for more information.

These are extraordinary times. Life itself is asking us to awaken – to be changed, and be change-makers – to not just survive, but thrive – to consciously correct and recreate how we live in relationship to each other and to our beautiful planet, our home. Woman Soul Gathering embraces life.

We look forward to the day we will be able to meet again in-person!


Woman Soul GatHERing Sacred Circles

WSG is offering on-going monthly Woman Soul GatHERing Sacred Circles on with ZOOM. Hosted by Starfeather and beginning Oct. 7, we will gather every third Wednesday, 7-8:30 PM Pacific by ZOOM to sing and drum, spend time within the talking circle and in meditation, witness and support each other, share wisdom and build community.  Email for more information about the Wednesday evening Woman Soul GatHERing circles.