“We call to you, dear Sister, to join us in Sacred Circle to honor the Sacred Feminine.  Our intention is to deepen our sense of inner knowing, recognize our unique gifts and stories, and to experience being immersed in and supported by a community of wise women.  We are part of an emerging Tribe of Women. We are taking hold of our power.  It is our time to be nurtured and nurturing, to find our way to understand and express our spiritual inner world, as well as our rights as human beings. In beauty and in balance, we find the soulful women’s way to rest, renew, have fun, learn, and share our blessed life as Sisters on the Path to wholeness.”                                                                 ~Respectfully, Starfeather


Woman Soul Gathering 2021

Pilgrim Firs Retreat Center, Port Orchard, WA

After more than a year of social isolation and concerns about connecting with people outside our homes, we are delighted to be able to invite women to gather again and remember the beauty of sharing life with one another.

Together we will create a sacred space outside of our daily routines to remember and feel who we are and our innate connection to each other and all of life.

There will be personal time for walks around Lake Flora, along forested paths or through the stone labyrinth at Pilgrim Firs Retreat Center, or you may enjoy creative time in the sacred art room.  In community, there will be time together in ceremony, on the mother drums and raising voices in song as a beautiful healing gift rippling out to our families and communities.

We welcome the wide diversity of women who desire to deepen in respect and care of your woman soul, and to bring your truth and the wholeness of your unique way of knowing and being into the world. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically honoring all gifts of all women, the universe calls us forward to be of service in the world. We look forward to meeting you at the Woman Soul Gathering.

Registration for the 2021 gathering is currently full, but if space becomes available you will be able to register on our website at

Please explore our website and get to know our Founding Elders, many of whom will be in circle with you at the gathering, and read the stories of women’s reflections on their first time at the Woman Soul Gathering.

We are delighted at the prospect of meeting you at the October Woman Soul Gathering!  Your thoughts, questions, hopes and dreams for this gathering are welcome.  Simply email Chalice at

As Tilda Long Soldier writes: “We’re like Mother Earth: each one of us has that ability within us to grow spiritually, we’re connected with the Creator from the top of our head, our feet walk on Mother Earth. It’s within us; and why should we hold that to ourselves?”


Our third Wednesday of the month on-line GatHERings on with ZOOM continue.

Woman Soul GatHERing Sacred Circles

WSG is offering monthly Woman Soul GatHERing Sacred Circles on ZOOM hosted by Starfeather every third Wednesday of the month at 7-8:30 PM Pacific.  Starfeather sets the sacred space for the talking circle and leads us in a guided drumming meditation.  Come together to witness and support each other, share wisdom and build community. Email for the Zoom link to the Wednesday evening Woman Soul GatHERing Sacred circles.