Standing Rock 1

“We come from different parts of the world, join as one with our commonalities. We sing, we dance, we pray, we listen, we speak our truth. We heal wounds from generations past, as well as the present. We find our voices and we hold our ground. We support our sisters. We love.” ~Women of Woman Soul 

“I was greatly impressed by the quality and quantity of experiences in the Woman Soul retreat. The lodge and whole retreat center was beautiful, the logistics thoughtfully worked out, the participants sincere and open-hearted, the program balanced between learning, sharing, serious and fun. There were whole group activities, small group activities, and one-on-one time. All in just three days!

For me personally, a significant value was the presence of Native elders. For years I have been part of women’s gatherings which have elements in common with Native traditions, with variations on sweat lodge, medicine wheel symbolism of the directions, symbolic masks, drumming and dancing around a fire, animal symbolism, smudging with cedar and sage, and even songs in Native languages. As such gatherings typically included at most a few women who were Native themselves, I had to trust what I was told: that the songs and stories and all had been properly gifted to us and acknowledged appropriately.

At Woman Soul, we had a sharing between and among Native and non-Native women’s traditions. Awesome Grandmothers and Mothers drummed and sang for us, and explained and guided us in ceremonies from their traditions, while participating in other ceremonies that differed from their own. There was a strong atmosphere of honoring and respecting our many paths. In Unitarianism, they speak of Many Windows/ One Light: that felt true here.

I look forward to being part of this again, and seeing again some of the same powerful and beautiful women, and meeting yet others.”  — Maraiah Lynn Nadeau

“Because of the Women’s Gathering in 2016, I knew I needed a community of like mind and spirit. So I have made Port Townsend my home after being away for 10 years.” — Katherine (Kat) Zecca

“For me, it was exactly what I needed…a purging and cleansing…and a call to keep loving myself with all it’s fragile and broken parts. A safe, open Community that I could call Home. I carry that with me even now, and am inspired and strengthened by it! Empowering and Intense…” — Julie Kundtz

“To be called upon to be an Elder for this Gathering has been an honor. It’s a Great Dream manifested into beautiful physical form: to be in Sacred Circle, sharing and listening, experiencing ceremony with such courageous, heart-full, gifted, questing sisters on the Path to Wholeness and Holiness.” — Starfeather Marcy

“The Women’s Soul Weekend 2016 came as a complete surprise to me. What I thought was going to be a fascinating weekend, turned into a life altering weekend.  The depth of connection with nature and my own womanhood was absolutely profound for me.  I’m really committed that my sister and mother attend with me this year as I believe it will bring us a deeper and more intimate level of relationship with each other. Truly a loving and heart-opening holistic experience that I wish was available every season.” — Debbie Bailey

“The smaller group that went into the water the second morning was a big experience for me, with really feeling connection, not only to the earth, but others too. Even though I didn’t know these women that deeply, it created a deep connection that I will forever have with that small group of women that went into the water with me.” — Sierra Barrett