Sacred Circles Institute


Mattie and David

Woman Soul gives great thanks to Dr. Mattie Davis-Wolfe and her husband Dr. David Thomson, the founders of Sacred Circles Institute.  Sacred Circles provided Woman Soul with financial stability in her initial year, and Mattie built our first website! Mattie felt a resonance with the spirit of Woman Soul from the first moment she was asked to come in as a guiding elder in the creation of the Woman Soul Gathering, and she continues to be a grounding and inspiring presence.

Sacred Circles Institute of the Center for Natural Systems Studies teaches the sacred relationships of the wisdom traditions of earth-centered cultures.  The Institute provides home-study courses called “Walking the Sacred Wheel”, monthly circles, and extended weekend intensives for men and weekend intensives for women.  Sacred Circles reaches out to prisons, offering their study course materials free of charge, and supports over forty “prisoner councils” throughout the United States. Sacred Circles has also traveled internationally, offering week-long intensives in Poland over many years.


Mattie at a women’s sweatlodge in Poland.

Sacred Circles Institute was formed to address the world need for simple yet powerful techniques for spiritual opening, transformation, self-exploration and healing, based on the ancient wisdoms of earth-honoring people combined with insights from modern consciousness research, depth psychology and perennial spiritual practices.  Email for more information.


Sacred Groves


Therese and Tere

Woman Soul gives thanks for the support of Therese and Tere and Sacred Groves since the very beginning days of Woman Soul Gathering!  They provided encouragement and faith in my readiness to bring forth this vision and they attended the first Woman Soul Gathering as honored elders. Because the Woman Soul Gathering falls so close to the fall Grief Ritual at Sacred Groves, Tere has stepped back to take on the preparation details for the grief ritual, while Therese continues to bring her heart and wisdom to Woman Soul as an honored elder.

Sacred Groves is an “eco-retreat” for overnight stays, rituals, healing work, music, learning, prayer and retreat time in the woods. Therese facilitates ceremonies, circles and classes while Tere cooks healthy, organic meals and hosts the bed and breakfast business, as well as co-facilitates most circles and ceremonies with Therese.


Sacred Groves

Their regular events include a Women’s Mysteries School, Holistic Pelvic Care (a healing modality for women provided by Therese), Passage into Elderhood, Spirit and Soul Quests, Grief Support, and Compassionate Listening Intensives.  Please see their website for a listing of their current offerings!




Starfeather’s Lodge

Starfeather Portrait cropped


Starfeather has been a supporter of Woman Soul since its beginnings in 2015. Starfeather was one of Woman Soul’s original Honored Elders, and she brought with her the generous gift of her creative spirit and bins of art supplies! Starfeather is an artist and medicine woman who brings her sacred relationship with the natural world into form through her Medicine Shield Retreats at La Push, and through her drum-making ceremonies. She has blessed Woman Soul each year with an open art room full of materials for the creative soul!

For the 2018 Woman Soul Gathering, Starfeather is offering two Drum-Making Ceremonies at a discount for women that have registered for the Woman Soul Gathering, on the 4th Sundays of August and September.

Starfeather Supporter Photo 3

Starfeather is also envisioning a Community Art Project that will be set up for all women to put their hands in creating.  At the 2016 Woman Soul Gathering, there was a large basket that women were invited to weave materials into, and at the end of the gathering it was given to one of our participants to take home.  That basket has be en the center of intimate women circles that were begun after the 2016 Woman Soul Gathering and continue to this day!

Woman Soul encourages you to email Starfeather at and ask about her ongoing women’s circles, drumming circles and ceremonies that she holds at Starfeather’s Lodge in Edmonds, WA.  Her website will be coming soon!


Woman’s Way Red Lodge

WWRL Supporter Photo 1 (2)

WWRL Summer Solstice Celebration

Woman Soul gives great thanks for the support of Woman’s Way Red Lodge.  This nonprofit organization has made the Woman Soul Gatherings possible by providing us with the required liability insurance to hold our annual gathering!  WWRL has also graciously included articles on the Woman Soul Gathering in their quarterly “Hearth Letter” e-newsletter and with flyers at their events.  You can sign up to receive the WWRL quarterly e-newsletter here.

Woman’s Way Red Lodge was one of our original “sponsoring” organizations, which we are now recognizing as “supporters.”  The philosophical change is to move away from the language of the business realm, and recognize “relationship” as the foundation of our connection with each other.  The 15 Principles of WWRL are important reminders to all of us of our shared values, and remind each of us of what is truly important in relationship with one another and all life.

nepal girls with bags

A group of young women in Sahayatri Nepal. WWRL has supported international programs that empower women there and in rural Kenya.

We are grateful for the vision of the women of WWRL that is weaving a web of women’s hoops between cities and states, and their international work in Nepal and Kenya.  We encourage you to visit their website to learn more about the “Herstory” of Woman’s Way Red Lodge and their ongoing gatherings and events.




Women of Wisdom Foundation

WOW logoWoman Soul wants to Give Thanks to the Women of Wisdom Foundation for their 25 plus years of bringing women together to learn about feminine wisdom through the voices of women of diverse experience and vision.  Since the late 90’s, WOW has brought to Seattle women such as Marianne Woodman, Jean Houston, Susun Weed, Lisa Thiel, Sobonfu Some’, Jean Shinoda Bolen, and Elena Avila, along with local women of wisdom that were actively holding women’s circles and teaching ways that had been mostly forgotten, such as Eagle Song, Starfeather, Julie Charette Nunn, Therese Charvet, Fatima, Lorraine Bayes, to name a few!

WOW circle of dancers

Women participating in ceremony at a Women of Wisdom Conferenception

In 2018, Women of Wisdom Foundation was invited to become a supporter of Woman Soul, and we want to reciprocate and let you know of the good work Women of Wisdom continues to do in our community, and internationally!  Please listen to the video below and follow the link to the Women of Wisdom website to learn more about what the Women of Wisdom Foundation has for you!