Starfeather’s Lodge

Starfeather Portrait cropped


Starfeather has been a supporter of Woman Soul since its beginnings in 2015. Starfeather was one of Woman Soul’s original Honored Elders, and she brought with her the generous gift of her creative spirit and bins of art supplies! Starfeather is an artist and medicine woman who brings her sacred relationship with the natural world into form through her Medicine Shield Retreats at La Push, and through her drum-making ceremonies. She has blessed Woman Soul each year with an open art room full of materials for the creative soul!

For the 2018 Woman Soul Gathering, Starfeather is offering two Drum-Making Ceremonies at a discount for women that have registered for the Woman Soul Gathering, on the 4th Sundays of August and September.




Starfeather is also envisioning a Community Art Project that will be set up for all women to put their hands in creating.  At the 2016 Woman Soul Gathering, there was a large basket that women were invited to weave materials into, and at the end of the gathering it was given to one of our participants to take home.  That basket has been the center of intimate women circles that were begun after the 2016 Woman Soul Gathering and continue to this day!

Starfeather Supporter Photo 8 drum with wings

Woman Soul encourages you to email Starfeather at and ask about her ongoing women’s circles, drumming circles and ceremonies that she holds at Starfeather’s Lodge in Edmonds.  Her website will be coming soon!