Information and Registration Page for the annual in-person 4-day Gatherings

Circle is set in a good way and waiting for the women to arrive.




Woman Soul Gathering happens over 4-days the last weekend of October every year since 2016. Due to the COVID safety protocols, we will not meet in-person in 2020. There will be a 2-day Honoring Grandmother Moon Mysteries Ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 31st and Sunday, Nov.1st this year. We will also be offering regular every other Wednesday evening no-fee online community connection GatHERings through Meetup throughout this year. Click on the links above or mail with any questions. Thank you for your support as we learn together how to do this social distancing in community!




    • Instead of using the registration page below (which is set up for our in-person gatherings), register for the Honoring Grandmother Moon Mysteries Ceremony here, the online community connection GatHERings through Meetup here, or for more information, email
    • The schedule, how you can participate, fees, and more information about the online ceremony this year will be sent.
    • Thank you for your interest and consideration in joining us as we all learn new ways to stay connected in community in these times!


REGISTRATION – To be Used for In-Person Gatherings Only

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If you are not redirected to a registration confirmation page upon submitting this form, you have not registered successfully. Please try again. Any questions, please call Chalice at (206) 745-2016 or email her at