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Spring Blessings!!!!

Covid Relief Fund Round 2

To support our WSG native elders and their communities, we are creating the WSG Covid Relief Fund.

The COVID-19 pandemic has especially affected the families and communities of native tribes, and the shutdown continues to devastate native families. Many WSG native elders are the heads of extended family circles and active in their tribal communities. They tell us that the need is immediate.

We sincerely hope that you will share our intention to acknowledge the on-going racial injustice perpetrated on Indigenous people, and support and uplift WSG native elders in their family and community circles by giving generously.  Your financial gifts are gratefully received on behalf of our WSG native elders and their communities.

If you would like to make a gift to the relief fund, you may do so using the form below. Thank you!

Click here to read about our Spring Covid Relief Fund Drive.

For more information about the recipients, click here.



Woman Soul Gathering Elders and Scholarship Funds

Woman Soul Gathering honors and gives back to our Founding Elders by providing for their retreat fees and transportation expenses. Woman Soul also provides scholarship funds for honored guests and women who are called to attend and do not have the financial means. Your financial gifts allow this kind support.

If you would like to support our elders, honored guests, and/or women wishing to attend the annual gatherings with a gift to the scholarship fund, you may do so below. Thank you. Thank you!

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