“We call to you, dear Sister, to join us in Sacred Circle to honor the Sacred Feminine.  Our intention is to deepen our sense of inner knowing, recognize our unique gifts and stories, and to experience being immersed in and supported by a community of wise women.  We are part of an emerging Tribe of Women. We are taking hold of our power.  It is our time to be nurtured and nurturing, to find our way to understand and express our spiritual inner world, as well as our rights as human beings. In beauty and in balance, we find the soulful women’s way to rest, renew, have fun, learn, and share our blessed life as Sisters on the Path to wholeness.”         ~Respectfully, Starfeather

Grandmother Moon Bundle Honoring Circle

June 14, 2020 – 11:00am to 3:00pm


Dear Woman of Soul,

The Grandmother Moon Bundle that travels with one of our Founding Elders, Barbara “Bobbie” James Snyder is returning to the Pacific Northwest in June, 2020. (For more info about our Honored Elders go to

We welcome you to this intimate gathering with Grandmother Moon Bundle where we will anchor her supportive healing energy here in the PNW, connect with Spirit, and listen for the guidance coming through.

The Grandmother Moon Heart Stone will pass to each woman in the circle; you can ask for guidance as you would talk to your own loving Grandmother and ask for the support you are needing on your path…. perhaps for the manifestation of your soul’s purpose, for healing of your soul’s wounds and to access the mysteries that are unfolding for the feminine at this time. We are living in momentous times, and extraordinary healing and change can be created in such times when we come together with open hearts!

The Grandmother Moon Bundle is the heart of the Woman Soul Gathering and will hold the center when we gather again the last weekend of October (October 29 – November 1). If you or anyone you know are thinking about attending Woman Soul Gathering 2020, please explore our website ( and keep checking back for registration opening in May, as there is limited space available.

You do not have to be attending the Woman Soul Gathering to attend the Grandmother Moon Bundle Honoring Circle. It is another wonderful opportunity to connect with some of the Founding Elders and women who will be attending the 5th annual October Woman Soul Gathering.

Love and Gratitude
The Women of Woman Soul Gathering


  • Email founding elder Mary Shackelford at for driving directions.
  • We will break for a meal together, so please bring food & non-alcoholic beverages to share.
  • There will be a small silent auction of donated art and special pieces you may wish to take home with you!  The funds from the silent auction go directly into our scholarship fund for the Woman Soul Gathering.
  • Attendance to this event is free and you are humbly encouraged to consider a financial gift to honor and give thanks for Bobbie’s time and energy in flying in from the East Coast to bring Grandmother Moon Bundle and share her teachings.


Woman Soul Gathering 2020

October 29 – November 1, 2020 in Port Orchard, WA

These are extraordinary times. Life itself is asking us to awaken – to be change-makers – to not just survive, but thrive – to consciously correct and recreate how we live in relationship to each other and to our beautiful planet, our home.

You are invited to join a 4-day, Woman Soul Gathering at Pilgrim Firs Retreat Center in Port Orchard, Washington from Thursday, October 29 – Sunday, November 1, 2020.

There will be time in large and small circles with our Honored Elders to learn from each other and to listen and witness the lived wisdom we each carry.  There will be ceremony with the Mother Drums, sacred songs, and evening ritual. There will be time for solitary walks around Lake Flora or through the woods or along the labyrinth, and there will be creative time with gifted craftswomen.


Located in Port Orchard, Washington, Pilgrim Firs is 120 acres of nurturing woods with a large lake, plenty of cozy rooms and outside decks. There are large cleared ceremonial areas, including a rock labyrinth. Acquisition of the land for the retreat center was provided by a Seattle philanthropist, Miss Julia Lang, in the 1950’s, and the dedicated staff maintain the land with care and respect.

Together we will shed old stories and limiting beliefs and release and heal the suffering that holds us back from our best and brightest life.  We invite you to be part of a loving community in which each of us is essential to the whole, and where pleasure, grief, joy, sadness, and even folly can be sources of deep healing and world transformation.

As Tilda Long Soldier writes: “We’re like Mother Earth: each one of us has that ability within us to grow spiritually, we’re connected with the Creator from the top of our head, our feet walk on Mother Earth. It’s within us; and why should we hold that to ourselves?”

Registration for Woman Soul Gathering 2020 will open in May, 2020.