Covid Relief Fund

WSG Covid Relief Fund Supports Indigenous Women, Their Families & Communities

Woman Soul Gathering is launching Covid Relief Fund to support and uplift the native sisters of WSG who are coping with pressing needs in their families and communities as a result of the pandemic. COVID-19 has hit the families and communities of many native tribes hard. There is higher incidence, more serious illness and greater loss of life on the reservations and among many native people in general. The shutdown was an economic disaster for Indigenous people, and job loss continues to wreak havoc among native families. Many of the native women involved in WSG are the heads of extended family circles. They tell us that the need is immediate.

Please consider making a generous donation to our Covid Relief Fund. Gifts will go to seven native women who have been instrumental in making Woman Soul Gathering happen. They will be able to share the gift with their families and communities. Read here to meet the Indigenous women of soul and learn about the ways they support their communities.

These are important and challenging times. The ongoing bigotry of intolerable racial inequity is in the spotlight. Many injustices have been perpetrated against native peoples. For instance, there was a police shooting of a native man in Kitsap County last summer; and, it is a heartbreaking reality that the Pacific Northwest stands out in the nation for the high numbers of Indigenous women who have gone missing or murdered.  

From this perspective, we of Woman Soul Gathering are in a good position to step up. Through our gatherings, we are honored to build relationship with native women and collaborate to bring forward the gifts, ceremonies, songs and teachings as they are willing to share. Now we can offer concrete, material support. As allies to indigenous people who continue to suffer the centuries-long consequences of racism and are now experiencing devastating impacts from COVID, we call on the women of WSG who have resources to give generously. It is one way to support the healing and reparations work that is so needed between our cultures.

Please give generously! Support our native sisters in WSG.

For information about Fund recipients,  click here.

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