Woman Soul Gathering


Angeles Arrien tells the story of the Ancestors on the other side looking upon their grandchildren and saying, “Oh, maybe this one will be the one who will bring forward the good, true and beautiful from all the past generations and the generations to come. Maybe this one will be the one that will bring the end to all the harmful family patterns, maybe this one will be the one.”

You are invited to join a 4-day, Woman Soul Gathering in Pilgrim Firs Retreat Center October 25 thru 28. Located in Port Orchard, Washington, Pilgrim Firs is 120 acres of nurturing woods with a large lake, plenty of cozy rooms and outside decks. There are large cleared ceremonial areas, including a rock labyrinth. The land was donated by a Seattle phIMG_4101ilanthropist, Miss Julia Lang, in the 1950’s, and the dedicated staff maintain the land with care and respect.

We have traveled unique paths to arrive at this moment to remember who we are. You are invited to join our circle of community to show your true self, your soul, your spirit, and come to understand the value of your light in the world. You may say you are not ready, that maybe someday you will face your fears, your pain, your sorrow. Truth is, there never is a “completely ready.” There never is a right time. If that were not true, we would not have created the words heroine, hero, or courage. Now is the time. The collective WE need You. Our Mother Earth is asking for your voice, your story, your creativity. One of the most peaceful but powerful forces in these times is to stand firm in a community of peace and love.




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